man is lonely by birth….

one of my posts that is regularly clicked on by visitors to my blog is the lyrics to one of my favourite hymns, “man is lonely by birth”……i first heard this song when i was about 11 years old and this group of singing nuns called the Medical Mission Sisters had come to my country to sing.  This song stuck out to me as a 11 year old then and it is still reaching out to me 30 years later.  There are times when I am just sitting doing nothing and the tune and words of this hymn come to my mind.  As an adult I find the lyrics really profound.  We are indeed lonely by birth, we are indeed pilgrims on earth, how wonderful those words sound, pilgrims on earth….passing through this earth and I am reminded of sayings that exist alluding to our doing the best we can do, being kind to others for we only pass this way once, how true that is.

Sometimes I reflect on the challenges I have faced in my life, the bad times, in particular the sad times, those experiences that I would not want to wish on anyone else and I realise that through the grace of God i have been able to weather the pain and disappointments from those forgettable experiences and I have turned out pretty ok, well I hope……:-))))

Most of the time I am peace with myself grateful that I am a pilgrim on earth, just trying to enjoy the journey and not be too hung up on the obstacles, the pitfalls……….the failures, the losses, the pain…..and you know what, life does become alright when we can see past our pain…….

I identify a lot with this song because I have been through alot of personal pain and through it all despite the support of family and friends I realise that I am all alone, it is not necessarily a bad feeling, but it is the truth……and at the end, it is only us, personally, who is capable of pulling ourselves together………….and out of the mire that is our pain………….man in indeed lonely by birth.


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